• Tuesday 5:15am-7am
  • Thursday 5:15am-7am
  • Saturday 7am-9am

General Information 

Dues for rowing will cover races, insurance and coaching. $ 30/per month starting May. 1st.

Once your coach has checked you off, you will then be able to come out on your own, and use the team equipment. This will work great for those with more challenging schedules. 

Rowers interested should reply to Joe O'Connor. All rowers must sign up with USRA for their  one year membership. For adults that is $65 per year. Membership is located at:

For more information please contact Monica Hilcu and/or fill out the questionnaire below and more information will be sent to you !

Currently, Stanford Rowing Center has rack space available for rent for 1x's and 2x's. If you are interested in rowing on your own and need a place to store your boat, feel free to drop us a line.

Thanks !